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Ewa and Zuza in Ljubljana

Zaktualizowano: 25 lut 2021

Between 1.12.2020 and 31.01 2021,Zavod Volountariat was hosting two Polish volunteers within the program European Solidarity Corps. Zuzanna and Ewa were engaged in daily work of youth centres of the Slovenian network: Mladi Zmaji in 3 different locations around Ljubljana. Besides their duties related to functioning of youth centres, in last weekes of their project, Zuza wa contributing to the project "DIY - Competence Incubator", led by Stowarzyszenie Senfineco in partnership with Zavod Voluntariat. Zuza, together with volunteers from Slovenian Club of Volunteers helped in research of educational materials useful during implementation of of the mobilities and local activities. Together with other volunteer, she has also took part in workshop ,,Work and Travel" promoting remote work while travelling.

Zuza has been involved in the Work & Travel program in the United States for several years, where she works in a variety of positions, from housewife to waitress and saleswoman. She travels to different countries each summer to work for 3 months and then embark on a journey through her favorite U.S. regions. In Poland she studies and works as an English teacher, but in America she really feels like at home. 

The experience collected and work done within the DIY project will fructify with creative non formal learning methods during the second part of the project. Mobility will be focused on international volunteers who, after completing their voluntary service, are considering how to start a career.
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